Images of the
Goddess of Justice

goddess of justice image

Justice holding her scales and sword is a familiar image. Remember that she is not blind, only wearing a blindfold. I use the version above on my homepage. But there are many different versions of the image of the Goddess of Justice that can be found on the internet, as listed in the links below. To avoid pop-up ads, you may wish to open the links using the right button on your mouse and clicking on 'open new window.' My favorites include the statues in Liberia and Khazakhstan, a relief sundial in France, the Borland graphic, the neon light image in Nevada, a painting of sleeping Justice (lost link), paintings by Klimt and Max, Baltimore's fish and Beavercreek's Beaver, the Ortega brand scales, and the California seal tattoo.

Statues and Sculptures of Justice

Lady Justice held back by the Lady of Mercy by Glynn Acree, Samford University, Birmingham, Alabama
Lady of Justice (pregnant?), Chambers County Courthouse, LaFayette, Alabama
Justice, Judge Advocate General school, Maxwell-Gunter AFB, Alabama
Head of Themis, U.S. District Court, Montgomery, Alabama
Justicia, Placer County Courthouse, Auburn, California
Justice, Los Angeles County Courthouse, California by Donal Hord 1956
Justice, Riverside County Courthouse, California
Goddess of Justice (zinc), San Joaquin County Courthouse, California 1890 (">second image)
Lady Justice (#30), Shasta County Courthouse, Redding, California
Lady of Justice, Pitkin County Courthouse, Aspen, Colorado
Justice by Francois Michel Louis Tonnetti 1913, State Library, Hartford, Connecticut
Justice relief, Wilmington, Delaware
Veritas et Justitia by Audrey Flack 2004, Tampa, Florida
Justice from Richmond County Courthouse, Augusta, Georgia
Tomb of Stephen Douglas, Douglas Monument Park, Chicago, Illinois
Elks National Veterans Memorial by James Earl Fraser, Chicago, Illinois 1926
Statue in Malter Park, formerly on Grant County courthouse, Indiana
Justice, Davis County Courthouse, Bloomfield, Iowa
Justice with earrings, Storey County Courthouse, Nevada, Iowa
Lady of Justice, Anderson County Courthouse, Garnett, Kansas
Lady of Justice, Franklin County Courthouse, Ottawa, Kansas
Justice, Topeka, Kansas, holding a prairie falcon, by Poco Frazier
Goddess of Justice, Old Sedgwick County Courthouse, Wichita, Kansas, no blindfold
On wall of law firm conference room, Alexandria, Louisiana
Two Urns of Justice by Diana K. Moore, federal district court, Lafayette, Louisiana
1867 statue on grounds of seminary, Forest Glen, Maryland
Grave of Salvatore Bruno, Woodlawn, Maryland
Justice, Iron County Courthouse, Crystal Falls, Michigan
Lucy Lady Justice (tribute to Charles Schultz), St. Paul, Minnesota 2002
Justice & Entomology relief, Burton Hall, University of Minnesota
Justice relief with magnolia blossoms, capital building, Jackson, Mississippi 1900
Wisdom and Justice: Guardians of the Law, Capital, Lincoln, Nebraska 1932
Storey County Courthouse, no blindfold, Virginia City, Nevada
Morris County Courthouse, Morristown, New Jersey
Justice Governed by the Law George Washington Accompanied by Wisdom and Justice by Alexander Stirling Calder, Washington Square Arch, New York City, New York 1916
New York state seal shown in relief and carving
Justice Governed by the Law, bas-relief on courthouse, 45 Monroe Place, New York City, New York
Justice (bronzed wood), Monroe County Courthouse, Rochester, New York 1852
Themis, Courthouse, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Justice, Delaware County Courthouse, Delaware, Ohio
Lady Justice, Warren County Courthouse, Lebanon, Ohio 1894
Union County Courthouse, Marysville, Ohio
Portage County Courthouse's Lady Justice (in museum), Ravenna, Ohio 1882
Bronze standing figure, Wapak, Ohio, by Lepo Works
Benton County Courthouse's Lady Justice, Oregon 1888 (no blindfold)
Lady of Justice, library, Williamette College of Law, Salem, Oregon
Cameron County Courthouse, golden, Emporium, Pennsylvania
Lady Justice (gold plated), Lebanon, Pennsylvania
Berks County Courthouse, Reading, Pennsylvania
Justice, Shelby County Courthouse, Memphis, Tennessee
First Duty of Society is Justice, relief, Davidson County Courthouse, Nashville, Tennessee
Head of Justice, Federal Courthouse, Knoxville, Tennessee by Audrey Flack
Godess of Justice with star instead of scales, from first capitol dome, museum in Austin, Texas
Bee County Courthouse, Beeville, Texas, with photos of restoration and ceremony
Milam County Courthouse clocktower, Cameron, Texas, with installation photos
One-armed Justice statue, Comanche, Texas 1890
Justice Under the Law, statue near court, Dallas, Texas
Justice, Williamson County courthouse, Georgetown, Texas
Godess of Justice (with lightning rod and broken sword), Presidio County Courthouse, Marfa, Texas 1886
Lady Justice relief, court exterior, Rutland, Vermont
Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied statue, federal court, Alexandria, Virginia ("rocket docket"), by Raymond Kaskey
Justice (work in progress), Williamsburg-James City County Courthouse, Virginia
Justice (repair of scales), Garfield County Courthouse, Pomeroy, Washington
Lady Justice, Marion County Courthouse, Fairmont, West Virginia
Justice, West Union Courthouse, West Virginia
Justice, Waukesha County Courthouse, Waukesha, Wisconsin
Justice panel, Old Washington County Courthouse Museum, West Bend, Wisconsin
Statue at the National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC, by Barthelemy Prieur 1610
Justice, Washington, DC, by Carlo Franzoni 1817
Justice and History, above Senate doors, Washington, DC, by Thomas Crawford 1860
Contemplation of Justice by James Fraser, U.S. Supreme Court north entrance, Washington DC
Frieze on lamp pole, U.S. Supreme Court, Washington DC
Plaques on doors by Edwin Cooper Rust, District Court, Washington DC
La Señora Justicia, with folded scales, Plaza Independencia, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Justicia, Casa de Justicia, Argentina
La Justicia by Lola Mora, Casa de Gobierno de Jujuy, Argentina
Justicia, Rosario, Argentina
Themis, with crown and open eyes, Brisbane, Australia
Justice, Police Academy, Joondalup, Australia
Lady of Justice, aluminum sculpture by William Eicholtz, court, Melbourne, Australia 2002
Justice with wings, on Parliament building, Victoria, Australia
Justice on Oude Griffie, Brugge, Belgium
Principles In Stone (Justice, Liberty and Truth), Ardennes American Cemetery and Memorial, Neupre, Belgium
Justicia Ciegac by Alfredo Ceschiatti, Federal Supreme Court, Brasilia, Brazil
Deusa Têmis, Jaguarão, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
Themis, Museu da Inconfidência, Ouro Preto, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Deusa Têmis, Palácio da Justiça do Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre, Brazil
Blind Justice, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Supreme Court of Canada
Osgoode Hall, two reliefs, Toronto, Canada
Justice statue at court, Vancouver, Canada
Truth and Justice doors on former bank, Winnipeg, Canada
Justicia, holding collapsed scales (detail), Valparaiso, Chile
Justice on legislative council building, Hong Kong, China
Themis on Old Supreme Court, Hong Kong, China
Justicia, Tocancipá, Columbia
Lapidarium Hospital statue by Matyás Bernard Braun, Kuks, Czech Republic 1700s
Survival of the Fattest by Jens Galchiot, Copenhagen, Denmark 2009 (fat Justice on starving African man)
Relief, town hall, Tallinn, Estonia
Justice by L. Falconnier, Palais de Justice, Caen, France 1787
Soloman, Lady Justice & David, Leon Cathedral, France
Palais de Justice, relief, Nice, France
Tour de l'Horloge, clock on the Conciergerie, Paris, France 1350
Justice and Mercy, relief by Jean Goujon, Musee du Louvre, Paris, France 1500s
Justice by Augustin Alexandre Dumont, Palais Bourbon, Paris, France 1832
Justice Protecting Innocence, relief by Charles Nanteuil-Leboeuf, Pantheon, Paris, France 1837
Justice, relief by Paul Ambroise Slodtz, Saint Sulpice, Paris, France 1800s
Tomb of Casimir Perier by Jean Pierre Cortot, Paris, France 1800s
Sun Watch, Palais de Justice, Paris, France
Hora Fugit Stat Jus, relief with sundial, Palais de Justice, Paris (?), France 1900
La Justice, relief by Lambert-Sigisbert Adam, Hôtel de Soubise, Paris Illème, France 1738
La Cour de Justice des Communautés Européennes, panel, France (?) (at bottom)
La Justice, Place d'Armes, France (on right)
Justitia, Erfurt, Germany
Justitia by Carlo de Cesare, Freiberg, Germany
Justicia, Bern, Germany
Justizia, Duesseldorf, Germany
Fountain of Justice, Roemerberg, Frankfurt, Germany 1887 (second image)
Justizia, relief, Görlitz, Germany
Justizia, district court, Hadamar, Germany
Justice by Hams Krumper, Munich, Germany, 1610
Justice, Maximilianstrasse, Munich, Germany
Fountain of the Virtues by Benedikt Wurzelbauer, Nurenberg, Germany 1589
Themis by Chairestratos of Rhamnous, National Archeological Museum, Athens, Greece 200s B.C.E.
Themis, relief at courthouse (?), Greece
Justitia, Honduras
Justitia seated with star crown, Hungry
Goddess of Justice, Madras High Court Bench at Madurai, India
Palazzo del Governo relief, Brescia, Italy 1400s
South bronze gate of the Baptistero by Andrea Pisano, Florence, Italy 1330 (at bottom of page)
Arca di Sant' Agostino, second image, reliefs by follower of Giovanni di Balduccio, San Pietro in Ciel d'Oro, Pavia, Italy 1362
Tomb of Pope Urban VIII Barberini by Gian Lorenzo Bernini, Rome, Italy 1628-47
Monument to Innocent XI, by Pierre Etienne Monnot, St. Peter's Basilica, Rome, Italy
Femida, Justice Square, Kazakhstan
Justice with head covering, Ministry of Justice, Monrovia, Liberia
La Justitia, one scale hanging from each arm, Chihuahua, Mexico
Justitia, Cuernavaca, Mexico
Justitia, Angel de la Independencia, Mexico City, Mexico
Justicia, nude with wings standing on globe, Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico
Justitia, Stadhuis, Antwerp, Netherlands
Peace Palace gate, International Court of Justice, The Hauge, Netherlands 1909-1913
Vrouwe Justitia, Leiden, Netherlands
Vrouwe Justitia colored relief, Noordbeemster, Netherlands
Vrouwe Justitia, carved wooden pulpet, Uithuizermeeden, Netherlands
Vrouwe Justitia, Utrecht, Netherlands
Blind Justice head, Auckland High Court, New Zealand
ANZAC Memorial (detail) with Freedom, Sacrifice, Justice, Peace, Youth and Valour, Christchurch, New Zealand
Justice with crown, by P. Baratta (Venetian), Pavlovsk Park, Russia early 1700s
Statue in the Hermitage by Alexander Terebenev, Russia 1800s
Supreme Court pediment, Singapore
Eroded Justice statue, Galicia, Spain
Justitia by unknown artist, Uppsala, Sweden 1883
Justitia, colored statue, Gerechtigskeitgasse, Bern, Switzerland
Justitia, Historisches Museum, Bern, Switzerland
Justice, colored statue, Lausanne, Switzerland
Symbol of Justice by Sadi Calik, Giresun, Turkey 1959
Femida, Kharkiv, Ukraine (near bottom)
Justice by William Hamo Thornycroft, Reading Museum and Art Gallery, United Kingdom late 1800s
Justice standing above the Guildhall, Bath, United Kingdom
Justice by Henry Poole, Bethnal Green Town Hall, United Kingdom 1910
Justice by John Cheere, Bungay, United Kingdom 1700s
Justice, relief on Temple of Peace, Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom
Monument to Paul Springman by William Hamo Thornycroft, churchyard, Crondall, United Kingdom 1917
Justice, Crown Square, Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom 1872
Justitia relief by William Mossman II, Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom 1872
Justice and Brotherhood by James Alexander Ewing, Scottish Co-Operative Wholesale Society Building, Glasgow, United Kingdom 1897
Justice relief by Gilbert Bayes, Commercial Bank of Scotland, Glasgow, United Kingdom 1936
Justice by John Cheere, Turner's Hospital, Kirkleatham, United Kingdom 1700s
Justice allegory, relief, St George's Hall, Liverpool, United Kingdom 1856
Attributes and Results of Justice, contraversial panels by Thomas Stirling Lee, St George's Hall, Liverpool, United Kingdom 1856
Naval Warrior with Justice on Marble Arch by E. H. Baily, London, United Kingdom 1828
Queen Victoria with Justice and Clemency by John Gibson, Parliament, London, United Kingdom
Justice (Allegorical Figures) by Charles James Pibworth, Law Society Extension, London, United Kingdom 1904
Justice by Edward William Mountford, Old Bailey, London, United Kingdom 1907
Justice, Norwich Union Building, London, United Kingdom 1907
Justice and Other Allegorical Figures by F. W. Pomeroy, Central Criminal Court, London, United Kingdom 1907
Truth and Justice, Westminster Abbey, London, United Kingdom 1907
Victoria Memorial (Angel of Justice) by Sir Thomas Brock, London, United Kingdom 1911
Justice as a Prostitute by Guerrilla artist Banksy 2004, London, United Kingdom
Scales of Justice, woman holding apart two children by Graham Ibbeson, Middlesbrough Combined Court Centre, United Kingdom 1991
Head of Justice, Newcastle, United Kingdom
Justice, Omagh courthouse, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom 1600s?
Justitia (head) by J. Dudley Forsyth, Pontypridd municipal building, United Kingdom 1904
Tomb of Sir John Holt by T. Green, Redgrave, United Kingdom 1600s
Queen Victoria Memorial relief, Endcliffe Park, Sheffield, United Kingdom 1600s
Figure of Justice and Coats of Arms by Thomas Stayner, Warwick Court House, United Kingdom 1731
Tomb of Pope Paul III, Vatican City
Poetic Justice - figure with sword stuck in her back (!) by Peter Ehrlich
Judgment by Patricia S. Hargrave
Justice Series, five sculptures by Coeleen Kiebert 1999
Abstract Blind Justice, very modern by Robert Toth, luckily it is named
Justice, wood carving by Thu Nguyen 2004, United States
Justizia, wood carving by Stephan Hübscher (midpage)
Justice carved into a tree trunk, carving by Jim Hale, Tenopir & Hueter law firm, Topika, Kansas
Justice, steel work by Alan Ross, United Kingdon
Blind Justice, steel work by Larry Williams, United States
Maat, hanging wall relief
Themis, hanging wall relief

Figurines of Justice

Bronze bust
Kneeling figurine
Figurine sitting on a globe
Gold Themis figurine by Shute
Justitia, with photographs showing creation, by Patrick Keith
Justitia, woodcarving by Gabriel Blaschke
Lady Hollywood by Diane Sher 2005
Justice Girl, skirt blown up by wind, by C. H. Montgomery
Blind Lady Justice, ceramic, foot on law book and serpent head
Bronze Themis, after ancient Greek statue
Figurine, by Circle of Heubert Gerhard 1540-1620
Lady Justice, bronze by Paul Orzech 2004
Themis, abstract in gold, bronze and silver by Michael Vertuozov 2001
Lady Justice award, standing
Lady Justice award, standing with raised sword
Lady of Justice award, seated
Ms. Justice, windsculptures (whirligigs) by T. R. Reed
Justizia Elwedritschen (bird), by Walter Rupp (mid page)
Lady J doll by Carol Larson
Justice doll by Michelle Wolf
Patriot, Seminole, Gator & Illiniwek college mascots as Justice, not longer for sale due to trademark violation

Paintings of Justice

Two Urns of Justice Metallica rock band album cover - "... and justice for all"
University of Oklahoma - several formats of Themis
Three illuminated manuscript Justices from Italy
Justitia allagory, fresco, 1300s, Sienna, Italy
Justice, fresco, Giotto 1305, Padua, Italy
Justice as allegorical figure, Good Government fresco by Ambrogio Lorenzetti 1330-40
Reason, Rectitude and Justice appear to Christine, illuminated manuscript, Cité des Dames Workshop 1407-1408
The Justice, fresco, Pietro di Miniato 1415, Prato, Italy
Justice between the Archangels Michael and Gabriel, tempera, Jacobello del Fiore 1421
Het Laatste Oordeel by Rogier van de Weyden (detail) 1450
Four Virtues, fresco, Hall of János Vitéz, Castle, Esztergom, Hungry 1490
Prudence and Justice by Pietro Perrugino 1497
Justitia by Rafael 1511
Justice, Truth and Vices allegory by Giorgio Vasari mid 1500s
Justizia by Domenico Beccafumi, Plazzo Pubblico, Siena, Italy, 1532-35
Justitia by Giuseppe Salviati 1559
Painting on reverse of 'The King' Violoncello (oldest surviving bass violin), painted 1560
Tribunal of the Brabant Mint in Antwerp, oil by Marten de Vos 1594
Justitia by Jacob Matham naar Henderick Goltzius 1597
The Triumph of Justice, oil by Hans von Aachen 1598
Allegory of Charity and Justice Reconciled by Giovanni Baglione 1622
Peace & Justice Embracing by La Hire 1654
Triumph of Justice by Gabriel Metsu 1655-57
Justizia, fresco by Luca Giordano 1684-1686
The Triumph of Justice by Jean Jouvenet 1713
Justitia Majestata by Mathias Blumenthal 1762 (with artist's explanation)
Painting by Joshua Reynolds 1779, shadow over eyes vice blindfold
Justice & Divine Vengeance Pursuing Crime by Pierre-Paul Prud'hon 1805-1808
Justice, oil by Eugene Delacroix 1833-1837
Jurisprudence by Gustav Klimt 1903 (destroyed)
Justitia , State House, Providence, Rhode Island 1904
Justice Lifts the Nations by Paul Robert, 1905
Justice of the Law – Faith and Inspiration, Patience and Courage, mural by Albert H. Krehbiel, Supreme Court, Springfield, Illinois, 1907-1911
Justice, mural by Paul Heerwagen, Arkansas State Capitol 1914
Take up the Sword of Justice, on British war poster 1915
Justice is blind, oil by Nunzio LaSpina 1932
Libra, nose art on B-24 bomber by Phil Brinkman 1944
Goddess of Justice, standing nude, by Salvador Dali 1977
Justice by Joaquim Rebocho, Supreme Court of Justice, Portugal 1982
Our History, county courthouse mural by Carlos Callejo, El Paso, Texas 1995
Denuded Justice, oil by Ionone D. Bangcas 1995
Justice by Judith Poxson Fawkes 1995
Lady Justice by Peter Max 1995
The Justice, surreal oil by Nick Darastean 1997
Themis, oil of statue by Tori Moore 1999
Blind Justice, acrylic by Nadia Nabavi 1999
La Diosa Justicia ve y Cobra, oil by Abbé Nozal 1999
Our Lady of Perpetual Justice, oil by Jenny Oakley 1999
World Peace Now mural with New Justice with Scales detail 1999
Untitled Unfinished (Justice), abstract acrylic by Shin Koo 2000
Mural, Justice holding United States and California flags, Monterey County courthouse, California 2001
Lady Justice, watercolor by Patricia Bagueros 2002
Justice is a Whore, acrylic by Kevin Stanfield 2002
Blind Justice, oil by Irina Alimanestianu 2003
Justice / Vrouwe Justitia by Anton J.C. Lemmers 2003
Bound Justice series by Ira & Corliss Lesser 2003
Justice, oil by Corey Okada 2003
Justice, oil by Eugene Rodriguez 2003, see also Democracy Born 2003
Blind Justice, oil by Doug Rugh 2003
Justice on Seal Justitia by Marcello Ferrada-Noli 2004
Lady Justice, monoprint by Ana Laura de la Garza 2004
Lady Justice, acrylic by Melia Newman 2004
Justice, oil by Pedro Da Silva 2004
Justice, oil by David Wilson 2004
Lady Justice by Jose Garza 2005
Lady Justice Sometimes Peeks, acrylic by Klia Ververidis Xanthopoulos 2005
Allegory of Justice, acrylic by Yuri Yudaev-Racei 2005
Justice?, scales as tattoo on chest, oil by Jennifer Balken 2006
Justice, oil by Al Lofsness 2006
Justiça by Alexander Moreira 2008
Lady Justice by Anne Vansweevelt 2009
Justitia, Roman Goddess of Justice by Howard David Johnson 2010
Justice Leading the People by Ron Anderson, at the Supreme Court of Ohio
Lady Justice by Chad Awalt, with photo of model
Lady Justice (page bottom) by Bruce Barry
Justice, by A. Raphael Beck, Elks Lodge, Buffalo, New York
Goddess of Justice, oil by Charles Billich
Contemporary Justice and Woman, mural study for Department of Justice building, Justice removing blindfold, by Emil Bisttram
Justice Is Blind?, abstract by Kathy Braceland
Justice, Rescue the Innocent by Agnolo Bronzino
Justice, oil by Gil Bruvel
Lady of Justice, watercolor by Ken Call
Lady of the Scales of Justice, acrylic by Mia Barken Clarke
Justice, abstract, by William Y. Cooper
Blind Justice, crying blood, by Kinuko Y. Craft
Kim (Lady Justice) by Sam Day
Justice by Richard Ferguson
Mural by Leandro González, Palacio de Justicia, Dominican Republic
Long Arm of the Law by FarLeigh Goss (nude without eyes), Museum of Bad Art
Justice and Liberty, oil by Georgia Griffin (burning a flag)
Justice, oil by Stephen Griffin, district court Hatboro, Pennsylvania
Themis - Lady of Justice (Supreme Court of the State of New York County of Sullivan), oil by Franciszek Kulon
Blind Justice, oil by Brad Marshall, blood on sword
Fortitude and Justice by George Maynard, panels, Library of Congress, Washington DC
Puerto Rican Lady of Justice by Felipe Oduardo
Lady Justice, oil by Laura Pierre-Louis
Spirit of Kansas Mural by George Melville Stone
Justice, oil by Pierre Subleyras
Mural by Guillermo Chavez Vega, Palacio de Justicia, Guadalajara, Mexico
Justice and the Light of Truth, oil by Erik Weber
Arch of Justice, San Giminiano, Italy
La Justicia, mural, Sonora, Mexico
Mural, Justice drinking coffee, San Francisco, California
Mural, with Ten Commandments and United States flag, Marietta, Georgia
Justice Trampling on Coins (Justice Not for Sale), ceiling mural, room 212 State House, Illinois
Three Women of Justice, Hancock County Courthouse, Garner, Iowa
Justice on arch above choir loft, St. Pius V Church, St. Louis, Missouri
Justice, Silver Bow County Courthouse, Butte, Montana
Mural, Reno, Nevada
Mural, South Jersey Legal Services building, Camden, New Jersey
Mural or graffiti with pig police officer and wolf lawyers, subway car, New York City, New York
Painting of statue on wall, Old Martin County Courthouse, Williamston, North Carolina
Left handed justice, Union County Courthouse, Marysville, Ohio (at bottom)
Justice mural, Allegheny County Courthouse, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Do Not Exploit the Poor, mural, Austin, Texas
Justice mural, capital building, Madison, Wisconsin
Human Justice, painting on house, Christiania, Denmark
Justice mural, courthouse, Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom
Four Cardinal Virtues, print, Masonic
Lady Justice, painting on New Orleans pro bono website
Disrespect: Justice in a bag, album cover based on Iraq war photo
Scales of Justice, image on fish for Baltimore's Fish Out of Water exhibition, Maryland
Law Offices of Kenneth J. Hurtz, each web page has a different Justice painting
Painting on 1940 Harley Davidson motorcycle by North East Cycles in Rutland, MA

Drawings & Sketches of Justice

Justice, from a set of Tarot Cards, engraving, Italian circa 1465
Allegory of Justice by Albrecht Durer 1498
Justice with Ostrich, chalk drawing by Giulio Romano 1500s
Justitia, drawing by Cambiasi Luca 1500s
Blinded Justice Falling from a Horse, etching and engraving by Dirk Volkertsz Coornhert 1550
Allegory of Justice, nude by Georg Pencz 1553
Justice Sleeping by Hoefnagel 1563
Faith & Justice Enthroned by Carlo Maratti 1676
Chariot of Justice (near page bottom) 1698
Justice, chalk drawing by Giuseppe Maria Crespi (Lo Spagnuole) 1700s
Three letters with Justice in heading, Bologna 1799
License to practice law, New York 1808 (at bottom)
War and Justice, unknown artist 1843
Allegory of Justice, attributed to Aimée Thibault 1843
First draft for seal of the United States 1854 (based on 1776 design)
Justice Shall Be Done, seated Justice with raised arm, Justice and Her Muse, and Traitors Shall Have Justice, Civil War pictoral envelopes 1860s
Justizia (Allegorie der Gerechtigkeit) by Druckerei Estivill 1870
Farmer Kneeling before Justice. Illustration to the Earth Fiend, etching by William Strang 1892
Reign of Justice by Edmund J. Sullivan 1917
Justice by Ivo Saliger 1920
Justice by Lauren Cassie 2002
Justice, design for Pennsylvania state capitol building, by Edwin Abbey
Lady Justice by Therese Anderson
Blind Justice by Jenny Crawford
Justitia (die Gerechtigkeit) by Jacques de Gheyn II
Justizia by Philipp Heinisch
Justice Blind? by Matthew Robinson (removing blindfold)
The Seven Virtues: Justice, graphite, in Chinese costume, by Maria J. William
Justice with wings holding flaming sword
Valkyrie Arms sketch
Running figure sketch, European Law Moot Court
Minnesota Injustice (court reform) sketch, pointing sword at viewer
Justice holding a rifle
Justice pleading at the table of sacred love for a soul
Picturing Justice, art law journal, film strip used as her blindfold
Blind Bucky, University of Wisconsin Law School badger mascot by Steven Wolf
Native American as Justice lifting large scales, sketch (Canada)
Justice for All initiative, American Motorcycle Association (cartoon version)
Justice over grating, Some Like It Hot pose
Justice holding out scales (Greece)
Justice with hangman's noose as one scale
Divorced family in scales
People moving between scales, poster concept by Sam Oliver
Justice reading while wearing blindfold, digital illustration by Star
Kangaroo as Justice

Cartoons, Graphic Images & Clip Art of Justice

Animated gif with moving scales
Animated gif, peaking from blindfold
Animated gif, smiling Justice
Lady Justice Clothing Set for G2 Females, for various female animated figures, Smith Micro Software
University of Buffalo Moot Court - clipart, Justice as a coed
Justice as a gardener holding a carrot
Justice as a shark by Katty Wampus
Justice with guide dog
DOJ Justice for Kids, happy Justice without a blindfold
Femida with spring scale
Justice with money bag scales
Femida with breasts in scales
Justice with a chalice, Episcopal Church of Our Saviour, Secaucus, New Jersey
Seated figure, 11th Judicial Circuit Court of Florida
Justice holding film and videotape in scales
Liberty kissing Justice from the Village Voice, March 2004, Mirko Ilic
What Justice, cartoon with Justice as a tart with judge, by John S. Clark aka Brick
Cartoon in Advocate newsletter
Cartoon: Justice Bound by Red Tape by Thomas Nast, Harpers Weekly 1875
Cartoon: Justice: Five More Wanted by Thomas Nast, with explanation, Harpers Weekly 1876
Cartoon: Justice: Justice Brings Peace by Thomas Nast, with explanation, Harpers Weekly 1877
Cartoon: Justice Hurling a Bomb, wood engraving by A. R. Cassidy 1886, Graphic News (Chicago)
Cartoon: Justice is Waiting, for Tom Mooney 1930, California newspaper
Cartoon: Justice and Ballots by Jeff Stahler 2000, Cincinnati Post
Cartoon with black Justice, by Latuff 2001, Narco News
Cartoon: Israeli Justice (offensive) by Latuff 2002
Cartoon by Jim Flynn 2003, Chicago Reporter, one scale cut
Cartoon: Pinochet-Trial-Dracula-Justice-Sword by Molina 2004, El Nuevo Diario (Nicaragua)
Cartoon: Justice smoking and using scales as ash tray, by Charles Pugsley Fincher 2005
Cartoon: Justicia Chile
She Hulk (with green skin) by Greg Horn
Justice lounging from Harvey Birdman Attorney at Law cartoon
Design for mural by Coopper Design Studio 2006
Image from The Stentorian, anti-gun control newsletter (with black dot over breast)
Justice holding a rifle
Justice overwhelmed by paperwork, image from Germany
Legal Grind, web page background, coffee cups in scales

Book & Magazine Cover Art Showing Justice

Dark Justice, painting on book cover
Justice Will Win in the End, photo on book cover 2006
Jackson's Machinery of Justice, Old Bailey statue on book cover 1989
Justice Blind, painting on book cover
Justice With Both Eyes Open, sketch on book cover
The Mirror of Justice, abstract sketch on book cover 2003
Whatever Happened to Justice?, drawing on book cover (mid-page)
Quelques affaires de justice à la Martinique, drawing on book cover
The Work of Justice book published in 1980
Nichts halb, German bookplate of Hans Baune
Asian Week, yellow drawing for 1996 magazine cover
New Internationalist, crying Justice for December 1985 magazine cover
InternetWorks, January 2003 magazine cover created by Carlton Hibbert

Seals & Logos Using Justice

Seal stamp of Justice
Justice as redhead vamp - Borland
Arizona Criminal Justice Commission seal
California Office of Attorney General seal
Orange County Public Defender, California seal with standing figure
Family Justice Center seal, San Diego, California
San Mateo County Superior Court, California, seal, seated figure
District of Columbia seal, Justice without scales, sword or blindfold
Florida Supreme Court seal, seated figure, with history
Alachua County Clerk, Florida seal, seated figure with shield
Georgia Criminal Justice Coordinating Council logo
State of Idaho seal, standing, with history
Illinois Supreme Court seal, side view of seated figure
Cumberland County Justice Center seal, in floor tiles, Burksville, Kentucky
Former Maryland State Seal 1794
Norfolk County District Attorney, Massachusetts seal, seated
New York flag with state seal
New York summons with embossed state seal
Supreme Court Second Appellate Division seal, New York, with history
North Carolina Supreme Court seal
Oklahoma state seal, Themis standing in background
South Carolina Supreme Court seal
Justitia Vertutum Regina (Justice is the queen of virtues) seal, Columbia, Sourth Carolina
West Virginia Supreme Court seal
Time History of Events and Macroscale Interactions during Substorms (THEMIS) seal (NASA hurricane project)
Emory University School of Law seal, Atlanta, Georgia
Touro College Law Center Project Patch logo
Law Forum, University of Baltimore School of Law, seal
University of California Santa Barbara logo for Affirmative Action & diversity Project
University of Memphis School of Law seal, Tennessee
University of Silicon Valley Law School seal, North San Jose, California
Yale Journal of Law & Feminism seal, law publication ("Justice is not blind")
South Miami-Kendall Bar Association, Florida, logo
Baltimore County Bar Association, Maryland, seal
Springfield Metropolitan Bar Association, Missouri, seal
New York Women's Bar Association Foundation logo
Queens County Bar Association, New York, seal
Tompkind County Bar Association, New York, seal
North Carolina Association of Defense Attorneys seal
Community Legal Aid Society abstract logo
Criminal Justice Legal Foundation logo, Justice standing on book
National Conference of Women's Bar Associations logo
Law Society of Upper Canada, seal on floor of Osgoode Hall, Canada 1823
Hussier de Justice logo (France)
Grossrudestedt municipal shield, Germany
Procuraduría General de Justicia del Distrito Federal seal, Mexico
Nigeria Bar Association seal
Bar Association of Serbia seal
Фемида (Femida), accounting firm logo, Ukraine
Justice (Old Bailey abstraction) logo, United Kingdom
International Court of Justice seal
High Council of Justice emblem, Ukraine (to right)
Ukraine emblem
Legal Action for Women logo (anti-abortion legal group)
Healy Video Services logo with Justice carrying movie camera and wearing sunglasses (at page bottom) logo with Justice holding a clothes hanger
Norton Books - Ask A Lawyer series logo
Pacific Legal Foundation, modern style logo
Themis Capital Corp., modern style logo for financial services firm in Texas
Themis Group Inc., logo for game and entertainment services firm
Themis International, logo for paralegal group

Patches with Justice Figure

California Department of Justice
Onondaga County Correctional Department, New York

Stained Glass Windows & Glass Images of Justice

Stained glass window, Elks Lodge, Prescott, Arizona 1905-06
Stained glass window, Baltimore City Circuit Court, Maryland 1900
Stained glass window, Justice with United States flag, Spaghetti Warehouse, New York City, New York
Stained glass window, Carbon County Court, Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania
Stained glass window, Justice with owl, Nashville, Tennessee
Stained glass window, E. K. Williams law library, University of Manitoba, Canada
Stained glass window by Berne Jones, Lismore Cathedral, Ireland
Stained glass window by Berne Jones, Lismore Cathedral, Ireland
Stained glass window of Vrouwe Justitia in het Academiegebouw, University of Groningen, Netherlands
Stained glass window of Vrouwe Justitia in het Academiegebouw, University of Groningen, Netherlands
Jacob and the Angel and Figure of Justice stained glass window, from Switzerland 1699
Stained glass window, Oxford New College Chapel, United Kingdom (B&W postcard)
Stained glass window by John Dudley Forsyth, from Baltic Exchange, London, United Kingdom 1922
Stained glass window, several stories tall, courthouse, Barquisimeto, Venezuela
Stained glass window, Fielder Builder door
Stained glass window by Elaine Bushman
In the Light of Justice II, by Ken Leap 2001, with Mexican & American eagles, Bernalillo County Courthouse, Albuquerque, New Mexico
Commemorating 100 Years of Juvenile Justice, glass mosaic by Xavier Cortada 1999, Juvenile Courthouse, Miami-Dade County, Florida
Justice, stained glass by Jason and Carlos Cohen
Heavenly Bodies: Justice, paper collage on glass window by Cynthia Gaub
Glass figurine
Carved crystal of Justice sitting
Pattern for stained glass window of Justice standing

Justice on Plates, Pottery & Porcelain

Greek plate painting
Greek vase, Council of the Gods (Themis with Zeus), attributed to the Eleusinian Painter
Greek calyx-krater or mixing vessel, signed by Syriskos 470-460 b.c.e.
Greek vase with Eris and Themis, painting 400s b.c.e.
Greek skyphos (drinking cup with two handles) 430 b.c.e.
Greek clay vase 400 b.c.e., from Athens (in Berlin)
1999 Lady Justice Supreme Court Ornament, White House Ornament Collection (for Christmas tree)
Coffee mug
Coffee mug from Legal Grind, coffee cups on scales

Mosaic and Tiled Images

Monument to Justice, mosaic, Los Angeles County Courts Building, Compton, California
Justice mosaic, capital, Madison, Wisconsin
Mosaic at the Justice Palace, Adlieh, Lebanon, by Uniceramic (near bottom of page)
Justice mosaic floor, Paisley, Scotland, United Kingdom
Justitia, tiled wall by Rozenburg, Peace Palace Library, The Hague, Netherlands

Photographs of People Dressed as Justice

Justice in clouds (back of figure)
Justicia (Argentina), partial nude 2001
Justice with scales and sword, for Alabama Philosophical Society 2002
Justice in peace demonstration, New York, New York 2003
What of Justice? by Marc Gagnon, published in best photos of 2003
Femida in Russia Today article 2003
Coral as Justice at the 2003 Spiral Rhythms Festival
Costume designed by Anna Davenport at the 2003 TorCon3 mascarade contest
For Delta Phi Upsilon float at Homecoming 2004 Missouri Western College
Lady Justice for Civil Rights by Marc Gagnon 2005
Lady Justice (Anabel), SuicideGirl 2006
Justitia, scene from Werner Egk´s opera "Peer Gynt" 2006
Lady Justice (Eleonoor) in forest, Elf Fantasy Fair 2006 (mid page)
Politics 3 - On Justice by Nate Boguszewski 2007
Dirty Martini - Blind Justice, burlesque show character 2007
Naked Justice, poster for court case 2007
Blind Justice (second image) by Brienne Griffin 2007
Blind Justice (Wayne Fontana), worn to court 2007
Lady Justice at demonstration in Washington DC 2007
Bra models for Triumph International, Japan 2008
Lady Justice, Tatiana Azundris 2009
Lady Justice (Farrah Ferguson), taken by Dave King 2010 (set of 11 photographs)
Lady Justice at Anime SuperCon 2009
Blind Justice, oceanside, by Donna Martinez
Liberty and Justice for All, Elaine Meinel Supkis
Justice stock photo from Shutterstock
Justice stock photos from
Lady Justice, actress Suzy Milano in movie poster
A Lady Called Justice, scenes from play, Nova Southeastern University, Florida

Product Labels, Ads, and Trademarks with Justice Images

Indian River, citrus crate from Florida 1940s
Newspaper nameplate or vignette for The Baltimore Sun, with history
Legal blue contract ink from Noodler's Ink
Ortega brand scale, closeup of brand logo
U.S. Trademark 2624267, Justice riding motorcycle before outline of Texas
U.S. Trademark 2437898, for LegalWATCH (Texas corporation)
U.S. Trademark 2707073, closeup of blindfold, for Legal Grind (California corporation)

Justice Tattoos

And Justice for All style by Kane of Lucky 13 Tattoos
And Justice for All style
And Justice for All style, reverse view
Black and white Justice by Kelly Barr of Ritual Body Tattoo
Black and white Justice by Urban Body
Justice by Joey Nobody at Ocean Mystique
Justice with flames by Wind
Justice standing in flames on arm
Justice standing in flames with vine on arm
Justice in broken California seal by Lee Stealth
Justice with angel by Alfred Mencarelli
Justice Means Luck by Die Sascha
Undead Justice by Jet
Justice with arm covering face by Jamie
Lady Justice on arm by Joe Capobianco
Lady Justice on arm with apple in scale by Tim Orth
Lady Justice on small of back
Lady Justice with green snake standing on law book
Justice with dollars in scales
Skeleton Justice
Justice is Blind from Everlasting Art
Justice with cat head by Nick Baxter
Lady Justice in front of cross by Larry Brogan
Pain of Justice by Ruben
Lady Justice with Masonic symbol on scales by Dragon Guy Tattoo
Lady Justice leaning on law books by Rob
Lady Justice with handgun (freehand, in progress) by Pete
Getting new Lady Justice tattoo (YouTube video clip)

Cloth and Fabric Images of Justice

Triumph of Justice, tapestry circa 1535
Justice Liberating Innocence tapestry designed by Agnolo Bronzino 1546 (at bottom)
Justice after tapestry by Andrea del Sarto 1700s
Quilt: Ma'at by Phyllis Salter
Quilt: Justice Lifts a Nation by Deborah S. Reed 2001
Lady Justice Throw Pillow, Cafe Press
Fabric collage by LaVonne Salleé
Braces (suspenders) by Trafalgar (midpage)
Braces (suspenders) by Albert Thurston, Old Bailey version
Scarf, holding red law book
Tie with Justice in color
Tie with gold Justice
Tie that I purchased on eBay
Museum Artifacts tie that I purchased on eBay

Justice Tarot Cards

Tarot card - with European images, by Turner & Warburton
Catya Plate card 2003
Hervé di Rosa card
Tarot Art Nouveau card 2000
Bound Justice
Evolving tarot by Michele Jackson
Stone tarot card by Alison Stone
Illustrators' tarot card by Siobhan Ruck
Le Tarot Flamand card by F. I. Vandenborre c. 1780
Shadowscapes card by Stephanie Pui Mun Law
Victorian Romantic card
j.No NoMoPoMo Mojo card, blindfold over mouth, photograph with montage by James X. Nova
Iconology of the Justice Cards by Dr. Robert O'Neill

Stamps, Currency, Bonds and Stock Certificates

Coat of Arms from Großrudestedt Germany
United States postage stamp & first day cover, based upon Supreme Court statue Contemplation of Justice, 1977
Postage stamps of Supreme Court statue, Canada 1975
Postage stamps from Romania 1932-1995
Postage stamp, Vatican City, after Raphael painting 1983
$1 certificate, to support continental army, United States 1776
$3 note, New jersey Manufacturing and Banking Co., Hoboken, New Jersey 1828
$5 note, Central Railroad & Banking Co., Georgia 1830s
$5 note, Oxford Bank, Georgia 1840s
$10 note, Brunswick Exchange Bank, Georgia 1840s
$2 note, Merchants Bank of Macon, Georgia 1850s
$1 note, State of Georgia 1862
$10 note, State of Mississippi 1862
$20 note, Augusta Insurance & Banking Company, Georgia 1850s
$50 Treasury Note, Republic of Texas 1838
$100 Note, Planters & Mechanics Bank of Columbus, Georgia 1838-1840
$1000 bond, Pine Creek Railway Company (Pennsylvania)1885
Stock certificate, Meister Builders Inc., New York 1914

Coins, Tokens and Medals

Various coins of the Roman Empire with Justitia
denarius of Hadrian (seated Justitia) 117-138 CE
Medal, Louise XIV, France 1665
Medal, Philip II, France 1717
Medal for Battle of Copenhagen, by Loos, Germany 1801
Medal for Peace of Armiens, France 1802
Gold medal, Peter Gruber Foundation
Medal with Ma'at, Egypt Ministry of Justice
Commemorative coin given by Russian Justice Minister to President of Iran
Immunis, coin, New Jersey, United States 1786
Penny traders token, New South Wales, Austalia (no date)
Half-dollar coin, sesquicentennial of Columbia, South Carolina, United States 1936
Ivory gambling chips, four colors


Gold charm for charm bracelet
Gold charm for charm bracelet (at bottom)
Silver charm for charm bracelet
Pendant with Roman Empire coin
Silver tarot card pendant with gem
Pendant, Metallica style
Bracelet art deco style
Pin by Ann Hand
Pin, Justice with gavel
Lapel pin
Eyeglass holder or badge holder pin (near bottom)
Cuff links
Belt buckle for Blind Justice Motorcycle Club

Other Images of Justice

Blind Justice, replica of wood block print by Albrecht Durer, illustration for Ship of Fools 1494
Federick Douglass and Lady Justice, relief block print by Stephen and Sabina Alcorn 1994
Justice, walnut intarsia panel inlaid with other woods, Italian 1600s
Executioner and Justice, photomontage, by John Heartfield (Germany)
Lady Justice, nude in neon lights (middle of page)
Lady Justice in neon lights for Minnesota law firm
Legal sign with Justice standing on earth and holding Puerto Rico
Mosaic at the Justice Palace, Adlieh, Lebanon, by Uniceramic (near bottom of page)
Monument to Justice, mosaic, Los Angeles County Courts Building, Compton, California
Blind Justice board game, Avalon Hill 1989
Mousepad, Cafe Press
Letter holder
Letter opener
Knife sheath
Ladle and spoon
Bon bon server or spoon (third item)
Pen holder
Stationery box
Snuff box circa 1920
Justice on circular container
Justice on circular container
Deck of playing cards, woman suffrage
Business card
Business card holder
Business postcard (law firm advertising)
Greeting card, "Blind Justice" watercolor by Brennan
Holiday card, snowing on Old Bailey statue
Invitation (personalize for your event)
Magnet of Themis head
Liberty & Justice bookends
Wall clock
Wall clock with Femida
Horizontal sun dial with notebook and mirror 1575
Lady Justice iPhone 4 Case, Cafe Press
HypoJustice iPhone Case (hippopotomus as Justice), Cafe Press
Certificate, Grand United Order of Odd Fellows
Crokinole board , by Stan and Carl Hilinski and Penny Hauffe
Motorcycle club colors, Blood Brothers Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club
Key clip with light
Guitar pick from band Blind Justice
Plaque on grave of Robert Owen 1902, Newtown, Wales (at bottom)
Candle luminary (holder) by Ealain Draoi
Candle holder (Wish Candles)
Candle for court victory spell
Scrimshaw on whale tooth, Maine Maritime Museum, Bath, Maine
Foil hologram
Hologram (mid page)
Vodka luge ice sculpture
Wine bottle holder

Miscellaneous Information

Fact sheet on Justice statues, figures & images at U.S. Supreme Court (pdf)
Wikipedia articles on Lady Justice and Themis
Theoi Project entry on Themis
Iconografische Themis: Justitia of Rechtvaardigheid by Jaconelle Schuffel
Blind Justice, poem by Daryl E. Horton
Justice is a Woman With a Sword, essay by D. Clarke
Origin of the Lady of Justice, Q&A
Justice in Print, collection of cards, posters, and calendars with Justice images
Justice Allegory, essay problem for homeschooling
So what's this Statue Logo then? development of logo (sword through back)
Article on modifying Lady Justice statue by David Wanner to cover Justice's breasts for Wisconsin Bar Association 2001
Ma'at, Egyptian goddess of justice
Dennis E. Curtis and Judith Resmik, Images of Justice, 96 Yale Law Journal 1727 (1987) (not currently online)

Help Me Find These Justice Images to Include on this Site

  • Statues of Justice at courts or government buildings of various countries, including county courthouses of the United States (if you e-mail me a photo, include the location)
  • Photo of a person portraying Justice (perhaps for costume party, protest, or advertisement)
  • Photos of ancient Greek statues of Themis
  • Jewelry such as rings, broaches, or pendants, spoons, bowls, keys depicting Justice
  • Design on furniture, bed frame, desk, brief case, lighter, pocket watch, bus, automobile, motorcycle, gun, or guitar showing Justice
  • Non-traditional or non-European depictions of Justice, especially public statues
  • Post office murals with Justice (especially U.S. depression-era funded art) and other paintings from the 1930s and 1940s
  • Products or ads with Justice as a pitch-person
  • Ice, snow, or sand sculptures of Justice
  • Cakes with Justice in frosting or decoration
  • Barbie or other doll dressed as Justice (someone must have done this!)
  • Photo of the U.S. Department of Justice statue with the chest covering ordered by Attorney General Ashcroft in 2002

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